3 Dance Classes That Are Ideal For Couples

If you're looking for a new hobby to enjoy with your partner, taking a dance class together can be a great option. You'll learn something new together while having fun and maybe even upping the romance levels. There are a wide variety of dance styles you can learn, but many involve learning routines as an individual, such as Bollywood, flamenco and hip hop classes. You may still enjoy taking these classes with your partner, but there are classes that involve lots of dancing as a couple. These classes can help foster strong connections between you and your partner as you practice moving in unison and support each other through the routines. Here's an overview of three dance classes that are ideal for couples.


Salsa is a fun, energetic style of partner dancing that originated from Latin, particularly Cuban, dances in the 1960s. The style has been strongly influenced by the American jazz movement, and it's a very sociable, rhythmic style of dance. Salsa routines focus on steps and shoulder or arm movement with very little movement from the torso, but it's a fast-paced, passionate style of dancing that's not overly difficult to learn and that leaves lots of room for self-expression.


Some pieces of ballroom dancing date back to the 1500s, but ballroom has been influenced by many other styles since then. It remains popular across all age ranges, and this is likely due to the gracefulness of ballroom routines and the simplicity of many ballroom steps, which makes this style of dance ideal for couples who are completely new to dancing. You'll learn several popular dances in a ballroom class, including waltz, cha-cha and polka, and ballroom classes are ideal for couples who want to learn to dance for a special event, such as a wedding.


Tango is an elegant and dynamic form of partner dancing that originated from a combination of European and Latin American styles. Popular tango moves that couples will learn include the tango walk and the close embrace. Couples will also learn how to lead and follow, which can be beneficial for developing communication skills, and there's lots of room for self-expression in tango routines.

These are just a few examples of dance classes that are ideal for couples who want to spend quality time together and reap the additional benefits of dancing, such as improved physical fitness and new friendships. Dance schools often offer taster sessions, so if you're not sure what style of dance would be best suited to you, try out a few different classes before booking a block of lessons.

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